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Music videos from creative Independent Artist of all genres, all over the world. 

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Indie TV Network, for the Independent world all in one place. Email our corporate office to get your show, video, business or commercial on our Network. ATG@ATGRECORDING.COM

As ATGTV continues to cultivate our Indie culture of originality, innovation and collaboration, we are seeing strong returns on our investments in creating enduring, and unforgettable new Independent brands.

We are committed to empowering a diverse range of creators to do their best work, and as we build a Major Indie organization for the future of our Indie world, one that will continue to set new standards for compelling stories and experiences for our customers worldwide.

With the continued success of our core video brands, we are well positioned to set the pace for the video marketplace of tomorrow. ATGTV will keep challenging the status quo, connecting with Indie audiences and creating the iconic, breakout Major Indie, Indie news, Indie Video's, Real Indie Artist and content that is recognized around the world.